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Cruising Down the River

Cruising Down the River

Cruising Down the River, was written in 1945 by two women, Emily Beadell and Nell Tollerton. They entered their composition into a public songwriting contest in the UK and…

Pickin' A Chicken

I’ve chosen a song this week that was a 1956 hit in South Africa, the country my husband was born and raised in.  It was sung by a woman who was originally from Hungary, moved to Britain and then moved with her family to South Africa as part of the Boswell Circus when World War Two was looming.

In 1949 she returned to Britain to work with well known bandleader Geraldo   at his request. In 1952 after her departure from Geraldo’s big band, she launched her solo career and made her mark with a tune called..

My Old Man's a Dustman

Since today is the national holiday Victoria Day here in Canada I thought it would make perfect sense to choose a song from an artist who greatly impacted the music scene in England, Lonnie Donegan,  This well known skiffle artist recorded my song of the week “My Old Man’s a Dustman”, a song he co-wrote with Beverly Thorn and Peter Buchanon. Skiffle music in England was a type of folk music popular in the 1950 England which had blues and jazzinfluences. This style of music was played by...