fit as a fiddle

La Bamba

In honour of Cinco de Mayo, I’ve chosen this very popular Spanish song from Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is not an indepenence day celebration as some believe, it was the day of an unlikely victory by the Mexican army when they defeated French forces at The Battle of Pueblo in 1862.

"La Bamba", originally a folkloric Mexican wedding dance from the Veracruz area was adapted by the one and only California born singer/songwriter/guitarist...

Blue Skies

This week the timeless classic “Blue Skies” was written by the brilliant composer Irving Berlin in 1926. The beautiful and simple lyrics he wrote were quite likely a reflection of the world’s post war optimism. 

The first live performance of this song was in a play called Betsy. If what I read is true, the woman who performed “Blue Skies” on opening night, Belle Baker, received 24 encores to sing the song. By the 24th time she apparently forgot some of the words so.........