Oh my darling clementine

Oh My Darling Clementine

I spent the last few days in Ottawa visiting my folks. I do a fare bit of cooking for them when I’m there and while I was at it in the kitchen there was a clementine on the counter that I decided to have. Not in the mood for my usual sit down, eat it one section at a time approach I decided to take the knife I was cutting vegetables with and slice it down the middle as if I were cutting a grapefruit. I took one half of the fruit and pushed gently on the outside end to push the fruit away from the skin. The little sections separated themselves from the peel with ease and I was able to remove the fruit in one or two quick bites. Like eating a section of an orange but with the undeniable sweetness of a clementine. 

This weeks song of the week has been chosen in honour of my temporary cooking companion.