You Make Me Feel So Young

One of my favourite go to songs for my senior/older adult chair fitness classes is this wonderful 1946 tune “You Make Me Feel So Young” composed by Joseph Myrow and lyricist Mack Gordon. It was originally written, as many songs were in the forties, for a film. It was first heard in Three Little Girls in Blue. Later in 1951 it was chosen to be the title song for the movie As Young As You Feel in which Marilyn Monroe had a minor role.

I adore Frank Sinatra’s version first found on his tenth studio album “Songs for Swingin’ Lovers” released under the Capital Records label in 1956. This wonderful recording features incredible big band arrangements by the one and only Nelson Riddle. “You Make Me Feel So Young” topped the UK charts in 1956. There is a joyous happy feeling all the way through this easy going romantic love song that expresses feelings we almost all have identified with at one time or another.

I’m quite the fan of the popular songs from the forties and fifties. There is a treasure trove of music from these decades that are perfect to incorporate into your chair fitness programs. Check out the music charts from that time period and you’ll find an endless supply of musical possibilities to add to your class set list.

Exercising to familiar songs as we know brings back memories so they too can make us feel so young.