Spring Fever

Missed a week. Was under the weather sneezing my way into spring. 

Now that the clocks have moved forward and it is officially no longer winter, I thought it would be a good idea to choose an upbeat song that celebrates the season in an Elvis Presley sort of way. “Spring Break” is a peppy tune from the 1965 musical film Girl Happy in which a Chicago mobster hires a rock and roll singer, guess who, and his band to keep and eye on his daughter during spring break in Fort Lauderdale. 

The song was composed by the seasoned writing trio that included Bernie Baum, Bill Giant (Harvey Zimmerman) and Florence Kaye. The majority of the songs they wrote for Presley can be found in the movie musicals he made over the years. Beach party themes, etc. These three songwriters only had one actual hit sung by Elvis Presley in 1963 called “Devil in Disguise” though they should still be recognized for their significant contribution to Presley’s body of work.  

I’ve put this tune on my spring themed playlist as it is happy, upbeat and Mr. Presley is definitely a favourite with my participants. 

The song "Spring Break" can be heard on the soundtrack for this Elvis Presley movie. 

The song "Spring Break" can be heard on the soundtrack for this Elvis Presley movie. 

A little note: The song tempo is up there but I find it very workable particularly for dance style arm movements. You can always perform a move half time which simply explained means cutting the speed of the movement in half. For example, if two beats in the bar doesn’t give you time to perform the movement then slow it down and do it over four beats. I have never let tempo dictate my music choices as you can always speed things up or slow things down. The important thing is letting the feel of the music inspire your choreography choices so the result flows naturally.