Besame Mucho

Winter gets pretty long in Toronto so I have escaped to warm weather on Isla Mujeres which literally translated means the Island of Women. History states that when a Spanish slave trader from Cuba  named Francisco Hernandez Cordova came to the island in 1517 looking for silver, gold and slaves he found temples, ruins, a few gold artifacts and statues of women; the Mayan goddess Ixchel and her daughter's and daughter in laws Ixchebeliax, Ixhunie and Ixhunieta. The island was supposedly a sanctuary for Ixchel who was goddess of the moon, fertility, medicine and happiness. At the ruins of what was believed to be her temple is where the sun casts its first light on Mexico as it rises each day. 

In 1940, there was a young Mexican female songwriter named Consuelo Velasquez who wrote one of the most popular recorded love songs of all times. She penned "Besame Mucho" at the young age of 15 at a time when she herself had not yet been kissed. The song's bolero rhythm, beautiful melody and charming lyrics saying literally "Kiss Me Much more" are some of the reasons this songs popularity has never waned. There are so many recordings out there to choose from and the tempos vary slightly so you could easily incorporate "Besame Mucho" as a background for stretching or during another segment of the class. Your older adult participants will enjoy hearing this classic as it will no doubt be very familiar to them and the musical style will likely inspire you to create interesting accompanying choreography. 

I will continue my song of the week on February 6th. Hasta la proxima!