"A Little Bird Told Me"

This week’s song is New Orlean’s jazz/blues singer Blue Lu Barker’s charming rendition of “A Little Bird Told Me”. Until last month, I had never heard this infectious upbeat tune written by Harvey Oliver Brooks. In fact this song’s melody is so contagious that it has officially become my ear worm. In case you haven’t heard that phrase it refers to a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person's mind after it is no longer playing whether you want it to or not. I find myself randomly starting to sing “A Little Bird…” throughout the day and my husband is not taking it well.The good news is that kind of response is an excellent indicator that a song will create a reaction and its simplicity will likely make it memorable for the listener. 

Three versions of this song were apparently released in 1948 by different artists within a few months of one another. All three landed on the hit parade around the same time. This particular version, recorded with her musical partner/husband Danny Barker, reached the Billboard Best Seller Chart December 18, 1948 and lasted 14 weeks peaking at #4 on the blues chart and #10 on the Pop charts. In 1997, Blue Lu Barker was bestowed a great honour when she was inducted into the Louisiana Blues Hall of Fame.

I highly recommend incorporating this song into your exercise classes either as an opening number to set a happy mood or somewhere in the middle when a little boost might be beneficial to keep the energy going. The song’s form is uncomplicated and the moderate tempo is ideal for all kinds of choreography moves.