My Grandfather’s Clock

One of the biggest thrills I get as an older adult fitness instructor, is the thrill of seeking out and selecting music for my classes that they will recognize and enjoy. If I may go one step further, I feel incredible personal satisfaction when I find a song I’ve never heard before, take a chance bringing it to my participants and then find out that I have scored a musical touchdown. I very recently had this experience with a tune called “My Grandfather’s Clock” written by Henry Clay Work in 1876. 

Foster and Allen do  this  wonderful, upbeat version

Foster and Allen do this wonderful, upbeat version

The upbeat version I chose, was recorded by a famous musical duo from Ireland, Foster and Allen. It’s a bit shorter than some renditions out there by folks like Johnny Cash so its a good choice. When a song goes on for too long it can have a bit of a hypnotic effect. Written from the perspective of a grandson, it’s about a clock purchased on the day his grandfather was born that kept on ticking until the day he died. The unusual part of the story is how the clock seemed to eerily react to the good and bad events in his grandfather’s life. Musically, “My Grandfather’s Clock” has a number of stops and starts at the end of each verse and during the chorus’ that provide an ideal opportunity for some simple and fun choreography. , Like the hands of a clock, I can guarantee you’ll hear people singing along every time the chorus comes around.