Fly Me to the Moon

Can’t believe I’ve gone three weeks without suggesting a tune from someone in the Rat Pack? In case that’s not a term familiar to you, this title, created by the press in the 1960‘s was given to a well known group of actor/singer friends, three of whom were and still are famous for their exceptional vocal skills and sex appeal. Humphrey Bogart was the originally member and leader until his death in 1957. This elite gang continued on with it’s other surviving members Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Sammy Davis Junior. Bing Crosby came to replaced Peter Lawford and ultimately Frank, Deano and Sammy became known as the group’s lead members. Enough history, time for a song.

You can listen to the song  here .

You can listen to the song here.

At this point, I could say pick anything by “Ol’ Blue Eyes” and it would be pretty much true. I’m going to suggest “Fly Me To the Moon”. What a tune! Light, airy, hopeful, romantic with an undeniable toe tapping finger snapping tempo. When Frank sings this one, his words make you feel like he’s taking you with him on his journey to the planets and stars.

My Swingin’ Fitness seniors fondly remember and still adore the music from one of their favourite crooners and movie stars. I guarantee this song will put a twinkle in your participants eyes!